Manufacturers directly for LED moon clouds neon ins lightning rainbow shape decorative lights with small night lights

$5.00-$11.00 $4.25-$9.35

  • 520 (battery plus USB)
  • Alien (Love) (Battery and USB)
  • Bats (Battery and USB)
  • Beast Head 1 (Battery plus USB)
  • Beast Head 2 (Battery plus USB)
  • Bells (battery plus USB)
  • Cactus 1 (Battery plus USB)
  • Cactus 2
  • Cats (battery and USB)
  • Christmas Tree (Battery and USB)
  • Clouds (Battery and USB)
  • Coconut Tree (Battery and USB)
  • Cupid Heart (Battery plus USB)
  • Dinosaurs (Battery and USB)
  • Flamingos (Battery and USB)
  • Home (Model A) (Battery and USB)
  • Home (Model B) (Battery and USB)
  • Lightning (Battery and USB)
  • Lips (battery and USB)
  • Little Love (Battery and USB)
  • Love (Battery and USB)
  • Love LOVE (Battery and USB)
  • Moon (Battery and USB)
  • Moose (Battery and USB)
  • New love (battery plus USB)
  • Pineapple (Battery and USB)
  • Planet (Under Order Note Color No.)
  • Rainbow (4 colors) (battery plus USB)
  • Rainbow (5 colors) (battery plus USB)
  • Rocket (Battery and USB)
  • Round-frame hello (battery plus USB)
  • Snowflakes (battery and USB)
  • Stars (Battery and USB)
  • Whales (Battery and USB)
  • Warm white light

Minimum order is 1 Pcs/box
Sell per box ,Step is 1 Pcs/box

How you control it:USBTossThe input voltage:4.5Can you color:NoThere are licensed own brands:Whetherwhether the average taxpayer:WhetherType:NeonOrder number:ledHanging neon lightsMajor sales areas:Africa/Europe/South america/Southeast asia/North america/Northeast Asia/Middle east/Middle eastShell material:New environmental protectionPVCIs there a patent?:WhetherProtection level:ip44Lamp head specifications:OtherPower:Warm white light/Pink light/Red light/Blue light/Green light/Two-color light/Colored light/Purple/Positive white light/Positive white lightCertification:NoLuminous flux:6000Major downstream platforms:ebay/Amazon/wish/Quick…

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The color of the light

520 (battery plus USB), Alien (Love) (Battery and USB), Bats (Battery and USB), Beast Head 1 (Battery plus USB), Beast Head 2 (Battery plus USB), Bells (battery plus USB), Cactus 1 (Battery plus USB), Cactus 2, Cats (battery and USB), Christmas Tree (Battery and USB), Clouds (Battery and USB), Coconut Tree (Battery and USB), Cupid Heart (Battery plus USB), Dinosaurs (Battery and USB), Flamingos (Battery and USB), Home (Model A) (Battery and USB), Home (Model B) (Battery and USB), Lightning (Battery and USB), Lips (battery and USB), Little Love (Battery and USB), Love (Battery and USB), Love LOVE (Battery and USB), Moon (Battery and USB), Moose (Battery and USB), New love (battery plus USB), Pineapple (Battery and USB), Planet (Under Order Note Color No.), Rainbow (4 colors) (battery plus USB), Rainbow (5 colors) (battery plus USB), Rocket (Battery and USB), Round-frame hello (battery plus USB), Snowflakes (battery and USB), Stars (Battery and USB), Whales (Battery and USB)


Warm white light

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How you control it:USBToss
The input voltage:4.5
Can you color:No
There are licensed own brands:Whether
whether the average taxpayer:Whether
Order number:ledHanging neon lights
Major sales areas:Africa/Europe/South america/Southeast asia/North america/Northeast Asia/Middle east/Middle east
Shell material:New environmental protectionPVC
Is there a patent?:Whether
Protection level:ip44
Lamp head specifications:Other
Power:Warm white light/Pink light/Red light/Blue light/Green light/Two-color light/Colored light/Purple/Positive white light/Positive white light
Luminous flux:6000
Major downstream platforms:ebay/Amazon/wish/Quick sell/Stand-alone/LAZADA/LAZADA
The scope of use:Christmas Festival Propose Layout Decorative lights
Origin:Taizhou is near the sea
Can you turn on the light:No
Whether to import or not:Whether
Brand:Trenton lighting
Whether cross-border exports are dedicated sources of supply:Is
The color of the light:Clouds(Battery+USB)/Lightning(Battery+USB)/Moon(Battery+USB)/Lips(Battery+USB)/Planet(Place an individual note color number)/Cat(Battery+USB)/Rainbow( 4 Color)(Battery+USB)/Rainbow(5 Color)(Battery+USB)/Flamingos(Battery+USB)/Stars(Battery+USB)/Love(Battery+USB)/Bat(Battery+USB)/Beast’s head1number(Battery+USB)/Beast’s head2number(Battery+USB)/Bell(Battery+USB)/Newlove(Battery+USB)/LOVE(Battery+USB)/Whale(Battery+USB)/Rocket(Battery+USB)/Cactus1number(Battery+USB)/Cupid’s heart(Battery+USB)/Coconut tree(Battery+USB)/Christmas tree(Battery+USB)/Elk(Battery+USB)/Snowflakes(Battery+USB)/520(Battery+USB)/Round boxhello(Battery+USB)/home (A )(Battery+USB)/home(B )(Battery+USB)/Dinosaurs(Battery+USB)/Shaped(Love)(Battery+USB)/Little love(Battery+USB)/Cactus2number/LoveLOVE(Battery+USB)/Pineapple(Battery+USB)/Pineapple(Battery+USB)
The no:ledHanging neon lights
Model:ledHanging neon lights
Featured services:Factory direct sales Support for customization One piece of hair


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