AROMA TREES 600 Biodegradable Non-Woven Nursery Bags Plant Grow Bags Fabric Seedling Pots Plants Pouch Home Garden Supply (6 Size), Pack of600Pcs

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● 🌱Environmentally friendly. Aroma Trees Non-Woven Plant Nursery Bags are made from eco-friendly, biodegradeable fabric, making them better for your garden and better for the planet!
● 🌱Multi-purpose. Aroma Trees Non-Woven Plant Nursery Bags can be used for a wide variety of planting needs. They are perfect for flowers, vegetables, tree seedlings, and more. Whatever your planting needs, Aroma Trees has you covered!
● 🌱Multiple Sizes. Each pack of Aroma Trees Non-Woven Plant Nursery Bags comes with 6 different sizes(100 bags each size) so that you are sure to find just the right size for whatever your projects may need. Sizes: unfolded–7x11cm, 8x12cm, 9x12cm, 10x12cm , 12x15cm , 15x15cm (diameter x height)
● 🌱High Quality. The material used for Aroma Trees Non-Woven Plant Nursery Bags is made of the highest quality material to allow for excellent permeability, water flow, and seedling survival.
● 🌱Time Saver. Aroma Trees Non-Woven Plant Nursery Bags allow you to transport plants without removing the plant bag. This allows for quicker, smoother, and more efficient and effective plant transplantation.


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