AROMA TREES 2 Grass Pet Mats Woven Bed Mat 3 Balls for Small Animal Bunny Bedding Nest Chew Toy Bed Play Toy for Guinea Pig Parrot Rabbit Bunny Hamster Rat (Pack of 5)

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● 🐰 High Quality. Aroma Trees knows that pet owners only want the best for their animals, so we offer only high quality, safe woven mats and balls for you to give to your furry family members.
● 🐹 Eco Friendly and Safe. Aroma Trees promises 100% natural and handwoven pet mats and balls. Woven grass is a highly sustainable material.
● 🐰 Multi-Use. Aroma Trees Grass Woven Pet Mats + Chew Toy Balls can be placed inside a cage, pet condo, placed in designated spots in the home to protect surfaces, and/or as a chew toy..
● 🐭 Perfect for a wide variety of birds and animals. Due to its small size, Aroma Trees Grass Woven Pet Mats are perfect for small animals like guinea pig, rabbits, dogs, chinchillas, goffins, hamsters, cockatoos, cats, grays, eclectus, macaws, gerbils, guinea pigs and more.
● 🐇 Package includes: 2 grass mats and 3 balls. Comfortable and Cozy. Aroma Trees Grass Woven Pet Mats provide your pet with a softer area to lay on when needed.


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