• Led modeling lights Rainbow snowflake flamingo lights moon animal creative small night lights indoor home decoration lights
    $3.00-$6.00 $1.95-$3.90

    Protection level:IP42Lamp head specifications:Can be customizedThe type of light source:ledLightsLuminous flux:1000The input voltage:≤36The scope of use:Interior home decoration lightsOrigin:ZhejiangCan you turn on the light:OKType:LEDStyling lightsWhether to import or not:WhetherBrand:Golden Zeus lightingThe way the power is supplied:BatteryLife:50000(H)Whether cross-border exports are dedicated sources of supply:WhetherOrder number:ZJ-018The color of the light:Flamingos/Pineapple/Cactus/Coconut tree/Moon-Yellow/Moon-Blue/Moon-White/Pentagram-Yellow/Pentagram-White/Clouds-White/Clouds-Blue/Creative Crown-White/Deer-White/Penguins-White/Rabbit-White/Unicorns-White/Unicorns-Blue/Unicorns-Red/Butterfly-White/Butterfly-Blue/Butterfly-Red/Crown-White/Crown-Pink/Crown-Yellow/Love-White/Love-Pink/Love-Red/Shell-Yellow/Shell-White/Shell-Pink/Shell-Red/Giraffe-Blue/Giraffe-White/Giraffe-Yellow/Giraffe-Pink/Beast’s…

  • Net red star lights Room decorated ball lights led star lights full of starlights Christmas tree lights string lights
    $0.80-$12.00 $0.52-$7.80

    LEDChip brand:Sanan PhotoelectrectrectrHow you control it:ManualWeight:200Occasions of use:Room decorationThe input voltage:4.5Can you color:Nowhether the average taxpayer:IsType:ChristmasThe way the power is supplied:Battery caseOrder number:OtherShell material:PVCIs there a patent?:WhetherThe type of switch:Remote controlProtection level:IP42Certification:NoPower:The default is warm and white Additional colors are required to place an order note/【Battery model】1.5Meters10Lights/【Battery model】3Meters20Lights It’s always…

  • 北欧卡通灯儿童房灯卧室吸顶灯男孩公主女孩个性房间灯动物头吊灯
    $302.00-$735.00 $196.30-$477.75

    证书编号:2017011001983559 证书状态:有效 产品名称:固定式通用灯具(吊灯/吸顶灯,白炽灯/自镇流荧光灯/自镇流LED灯,Ⅰ类,IP20,可直接安装在普通可燃材料表面,E27/E14) 3C规格型号:见附件,220V~ 50Hz 品牌: 裕强 型号: 2013-2 功率: 6W(含)-10W(含) 风格: 北欧 颜色分类: 粉色3头配LED白光 粉色3头配LED暖光 粉色3头配LED三色光 粉色3头配LED无极调光+遥控 蓝色3头配LED白光 蓝色3头配LED暖光 蓝色3头配LED三色光 蓝色3头配LED无极调光+遥控 粉色5头配LED白光 粉色5头配LED暖光 粉色5头配LED三色光 粉色5头配LED无极调光+遥控 蓝色5头配LED白光 蓝色5头配LED暖光 蓝色5头配LED三色光 蓝色5头配LED无极调光+遥控 粉色6头配LED白光 粉色6头配LED暖光 粉色6头配LED三色光 粉色6头配LED无极调光+遥控 蓝色6头配LED白光 蓝色6头配LED暖光 蓝色6头配LED三色光 蓝色6头配LED无极调光+遥控 灯具是否带光源: 不带光源 同城服务: 同城买家上门提货 电压: 111V~240V(含) 灯身主材质: 铁 灯罩主材质: 铁 光源个数: 6个 照射面积: 15㎡-30㎡ 灯罩辅材质: 玻璃 质保年限: 3年 灯身辅材质: 铁 智能类型: 其他智能 是否智能操控: 否 灯具型状: 吸吊两用型吊灯 灯头个数: 3个 吊灯类型: 铁艺吊灯

  • Children's room lamp bedroom ceiling lamp colorful cartoon animal led light personality modern boys and girls room copper art lamp
    $369.00-$645.00 $239.85-$419.25

    The certificate number:2020371001000108 The status of the certificate:Effective The product name:Fixed universal luminaires(Hanging/Ceiling type,LEDThe module uses AC electronic controls,ⅠClass,IP20,Suitable for direct installation on the surface of ordinary combustible materials) 3CSpecification model:See annex,220V-240V~50/60Hz。 Brand: Edier/Idil Model: ED0467 Style: Simple and modern Space for use: Children’s room Color classification: 【Classic】3The head was white 【Classic】3The head is warm 【Classic】3The first…

  • Children's room lamp cartoon creative minimalist modern Nordic ceiling lamp boys and girls bedroom animal head lamp
    $459.00-$1,013.00 $298.35-$658.45

    The certificate number:2018171001002002The status of the certificate:EffectiveThe product name:Fixed universal luminaires(Chandelier/Ceiling,Incandescent/from the town streamLEDLights,E27/E14Lamp holder,ⅠClass,IP20,Suitable for direct installation on the surface of ordinary combustible materials)3CSpecification model:D190 100×MAX40Wand so on,See appendix for detailsBrand: U-flashModel: YSD279Power: 6W(Containing)-10W(Containing)Style: NordicThe color temperature of the light sourceKValue: 4000KSpace for use: Children’s roomColor classification: Animal head45*30cm3Head net red light bulb-Warm white light Animal head45*30cm3Head…

  • Children's room light bedroom creative simple lighting LED good friend animal ceiling lamp modern cartoon eye protection lamp

    The certificate number:2020371001000075The status of the certificate:EffectiveThe product name:Fixed universal luminaires(Hanging/Ceiling type,LED The module uses AC electronic controls,ⅠClass,IP20,Suitable for direct installation on the surface of ordinary combustible materials)3CSpecification model:See annex,220V-240V~50/60Hz。Brand: SModel: CL0624-3Power: 31W(Containing)-40W(Containing)Style: Modern fashion cartoonsSpace for use: Living room Study Bedroom Balcony Little bedroom Aisle Small living roomColor classification: Three-headed ceiling lamp(WithLED8White light) Three-headed ceiling lamp(WithLED8Watts warm light) Three-headed ceiling lamp(WithLED8Watts of three…

  • Yiwu wind wind truck manufacturers spot wholesale wooden pole peacock solar wind bike colorful outdoor push wind bike custom
    $1.00-$115.00 $0.65-$74.75

    Toy material:PlasticColor:18Wooden poles/Colorful/24Wooden poles/Colorful/31/Sunflower/32Wooden poles/Colorful/36/Double peacock/38/Double-layer flash/38/Double-layered sunflowers/42Wooden poles/Colorful/46/Wooden pole sunflower/60Wooden poles/Colorful/100Alloy rod/Colorful/150Alloy rod/Colorful/150Alloy rod/ColorfulPatent number or copyright registration number:00Material:petWhether foreign trade is exclusively available:WhetherProduct category:Colorful windshieldsThere are licensed own brands:IsTime to market:00Is there a guide video:IsCountry of origin/Area:ChinaCommodity3CCertification code:00Major sales areas:Europe/South america/Southeast asia/North america/Northeast Asia/Northeast AsiaPatents and copyrights:00Processing customization:WhetherHow…

  • Manufacturers directly for LED moon clouds neon ins lightning rainbow shape decorative lights with small night lights
    $5.00-$11.00 $3.25-$7.15

    How you control it:USBTossThe input voltage:4.5Can you color:NoThere are licensed own brands:Whetherwhether the average taxpayer:WhetherType:NeonOrder number:ledHanging neon lightsMajor sales areas:Africa/Europe/South america/Southeast asia/North america/Northeast Asia/Middle east/Middle eastShell material:New environmental protectionPVCIs there a patent?:WhetherProtection level:ip44Lamp head specifications:OtherPower:Warm white light/Pink light/Red light/Blue light/Green light/Two-color light/Colored light/Purple/Positive white light/Positive white lightCertification:NoLuminous flux:6000Major downstream platforms:ebay/Amazon/wish/Quick…

  • Manufacturers directly sell LED solar outdoor waterproof wheat spike lamp reed lamp park landscape lamp decorative lighting
    $2.00-$16.00 $1.30-$10.40

    The main scope of application:Garden,Parks, etcThe type of light source::LEDCertification:OtherMaterial:Vine weavingOrigin:Zhongshan, Guangdong ProvinceSpecifications:Festival high wheat spike to receive electricity/Festival high wheat spike solar model/Stainless steel wheat spike lamp electricity/Stainless steel wheat spike lamp solar model/7Fork rice lamp electricity/7Fork rice lamp solar model/Roses receive electricity/Rose Solar/Sunflowers receive electricity/Sunflower solar model/The wind…

  • Manufacturers directly for led painted fox panda lion animal shape decoration lamp lamp small night lamp a generation hair
    $5.00 $3.25

    Protection level:IP66Lamp head specifications:OtherCertification:NoLuminous flux:1000The input voltage:4.5The scope of use:Room Decoration Party Take pictures of props, etcOrigin:Zhejiang is near the seaCan you turn on the light:Nowhether the average taxpayer:WhetherType:LEDStyling lightsWhether to import or not:WhetherBrand:Trenton lightingLife:10000Whether cross-border exports are dedicated sources of supply:WhetherOrder number:Panda Lion Fox LightsThe color of the light:Little…

  • Led animal lights outdoor waterproof cartoon shape glow rabbit garden park scenic sculpture decorative lights
    $135.00-$147.00 $87.75-$95.55

    The main scope of application:Garden,Outdoors, etcThe type of light source:ledLightsCertification:OtherMaterial:FrpOrigin:Zhongshan, Guangdong ProvinceSpecifications:Rabbit lightsA/Rabbit lightsB/Please contact customer service for additional specifications/Please contact customer service for additional specificationswhether the average taxpayer:IsType:LEDLandscape lightsWhether to import or not:WhetherBrand:Yanxin lighting factoryWhether cross-border exports are dedicated sources of supply:WhetherOrder number:TZ-002The no:TZ-002Processing customization:WhetherIs there a patent?:WhetherModel:TZ-002

  • The new iron lantern hollows out the solar lawn lamp led star moon lamp outdoor garden flame plug lighting
    $4.00 $2.60

    Use:Outdoor garden landscape decoration The type of patent:Design patents Daylight time:8 whether the average taxpayer:Is Type:Solar lawn lights Order number:YBXXYL01 Major sales areas:Africa/Europe/South america/Southeast asia/North america/Northeast Asia/Middle east/Middle east Processing customization:Whether Is there a patent?:Is The type of switch:Inductive Protection level:IP65 The type of light source:LED Certification:ROHS Major downstream platforms:ebay/Amazon/wish/Quick…

  • Factory high-pressure metal car wash water gun household extension shrink pipe hose punch foam set garden flowering tools
    $9.00-$23.00 $5.85-$14.95

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  • AROMA TREES Handheld Hummingbird Feeders Original Design with Perch—Pack of 2
    $9.90 $4.00
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  • Aroma Trees Ladybug Garden Metal Wall Art Set—Set of Five (5) 3.75” inch decorative ladybugs
    $18.95 $8.50
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    1 box = 40 set
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